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Euro Service
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In 1989, for the first time, our team had the opportunity to work independently and use on a commercial basis the knowledge and skills that were acquired at large and successful factories during the existence of the Soviet Union.
Since 2013, the team of technical workers as part of the Cross Sales Group has been successfully implementing projects in the retail, agricultural and industrial areas throughout Georgia. For better and faster development, at the end of 2019, it was decided to withdraw the technical direction into a separate company.
Since 2020, 3 more new directions have been added to the Euroservice company: installation of household appliances, repair and preventive maintenance of construction and garden tools (electric and gasoline) and performance of electrical installation work.
We cover the full range of repair and maintenance work, from pre-sale preparation to the restoration or replacement of any parts and assemblies. You will always receive guaranteed quality service from our team and you will be confident in the reliability of your equipment. Several narrow-profile specialists are involved in complex work, each of whom is responsible for his own part of the work, thereby ensuring the quality and speed of the work performed. Installation, repair, pre-sale and routine maintenance of equipment is carried out in accordance with the requirements of equipment manufacturers, and the organization of work processes in service workshops, collection points, warehouses meet the latest industry requirements.
We repair your tools:
Cordless Kits, Rotary Hammers, Demolition Hammers, Scrapers, Combi Drills, Drill Drivers, Impact Drivers, Angle Drills / Angle Impact Drivers, Impact Wrenches, Shear Wrench, Ratchet Wrench, Drywall Screwdrivers, Autofeed Screwdrivers, Nailers, Staplers, Rivet Guns, Disc Cutter, Mitre Saws, Circular Saws, Jigsaws, Reciprocating Saws, Band Saws, Router / Trimmer, Sanders, Planers, Biscuit Jointer, Multi-Tool, Multi Cutter, Angle Grinders, Cut-Off Saw, Shears, Nibblers, Die Grinders Polisher Mixer Drywall Cutter Drywall Sander Caulking Gun Tile cutters Steel Hole Punch Rebar / Threaded Rod Cutters Rebar Tying Tool Vacuum Pump Inflator Wall Scanners Grease Gun Vibrating Pokers Vacuum Cleaners / Dust Extractors Portable Fan Pressure Washers Blowers Lawn Mowers Chainsaws Hedge Trimmers Brush Cutter Line Trimmer Split-Shaft Earth Auger Pruning Shears Wheelbarrow Heated Jackets Fan Cooling Jacket Coffee Maker Cooler / Warmer Box G-Series Machines Pencil Screwdrivers Demolition Hammers Scrapers Impact Drivers Impact Wrenches Drywall Screwdrivers Autofeed Screwdrivers Gas Nailers Staplers Pin Nailers High Pressure Nailers Bulk Nailer Brad Nailers Coil Nailers Framing Nailers Roofing Nailer Air Compressors Routers Trimmers Sanders Planers Biscuit Jointer Mortiser Die Grinders Shears Nibblers Polishers Aluminium Groove Cutter Cordless Angle Grinders 100mm (4") Angle Grinders 115mm (4 1/2") Angle Grinders 125mm (5") Angle Grinders 180mm (7") Angle Grinders 230mm (9") Angle Grinders Circular Saws Mitre Saws Table Saws Jigsaws Reciprocating Saws Cut Off Saws Bandsaws Metal Cutter Plunge Saws Screwdrivers Angle Screwdrivers Impact Drivers Impact Wrenches 40V Cordless Tools Twin 18V Cordless Tools 18V Cordless Tools Chainsaws Hedge Trimmers Line Trimmers Brush Cutters Split-Shaft, Lawn Mowers, Grass Shears, Scarifiers, Blowers, Mist Blower, Pressure Washers, Pumps Shredder, Petrol Disc Cutter